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Pest Guru is an outstandingly specialized, and locally trusted extermination team of regional

experts in the field. Our company's commercial, as well as residential services, provide an

exceptionally wide range of pest control, & extermination services, throughout Chicagoland's

Northwest Suburbs.


Our own Pest Guru field service specialists are officially licensed by the state of Illinois, and work with the help of our P.P.I. associate-certified entomologists. In our bid, to create a happier, more comfortable community, safe from the various pesky intrusions of Chicagoland pests, we have earned a highly respected and resident accredited, place in your neighborhood. The reason, that we have had such acclaimed success in our numerous dealings, with clients, across Chicagoland lays in simply doing what we're best at; -getting rid of your pests.


Pest Guru specializes in various eco-friendly methods of eliminating common, naturally destructive insects, as well as other types of uninvited animal intruders, such as spiders, wasps, ants, bed bugs, and fleas. In addition, our company is also trained in cleansing your environment, from the even more so troublesome invaders, such as rodents, or mosquitoes. Pest Guru's tried & tested human-friendly methods, are also pet-friendly. Our company exclusively uses products, and technologies, which are highly successful, as well as safe for you and your family.


In an effort to ensure your ultimate level of satisfaction, Pest Guru field service members will

always, happily allow you to remain present on-site, during each service session.

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