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odorous ant.jpeg

Odorous Ant

pharaoh ant.jpeg

Pharaoh Ant


Ants are possibly the most annoying pests that we come across in our homes. Often found near a food source, they can become a real problem in your building. Ants live in huge number and they gather supplies in big numbers. The colony sends out "scout" ants to wonder around to find a food source. Once an ant comes across food, they will notify the whole colony of its findings. Then they work as a group to gather the food that they have found back to their colony. This results in an infestation, commonly in kitchens or any place that food is found or stored.


At Pest Guru, we know how to deal with these types of intruders and will eliminate the problem on the first visit. Call us today and be worry free. Pharaoh ants, Carpenter Ants , odorous ant, pavement ants, Argentine ant are only some of the types of ants we deal with often. 

carpenter ant.jfif

Carpenter Ant

argentene ant.jfif

Argentine Ant

pavement ant.jfif

Pavement Ant


orb weaver

woodlouse spider

      It is said that a spider is always no more than 3 to 10 feet away from a persons reach. Combining that with the fact that no other bug generates as much fear in people results in the spider being a serious problem for most of us. There are more than 3,500 species of spiders just in the United States. The good news is that most of them are harmless to a human when bitten and the bites are quite rare.  In Illinois we have more than 500 species of spiders. 


       We spot spiders in the most annoyingly visible place in our homes, garages and storage sheds. Some of the time we are lucky to not encounter them directly but are still negatively reminded that they are near by when we notice the spider webs they tend to leave behind are there. They seem to like window corners, corners of where the walls meets with the ceiling, and other corners of places where they set up their nets to hunt. They can make the room look like a scene out of a scary movie. The appearance can make one feel unconformable to say the least. 

       Spiders may be the most common and the scariest intruders we may come across in our everyday lives. However, this does not mean we have to live in fear. The choice is clear, call Pest Guru right now to get rid of those peaty spiders today and see the difference. The estimate is always free and satisfaction is guaranteed the first time.


yellow sac spider

Mud Dauber

mud dauber hornet.jpeg

Honey Bee


Bees and Wasps

          As humans we have to honor the bees, hornets and wasps. Lets face it, with out the honey bee's help more than half of our fruit and vegetable crops would not exist. If not for the wasps, those crops would be eaten by other insects before us. Finally, who can forget the amazing honey they give the world.


        Even tho the bees and wasps bring us many good things in this world living with them can be dangerous. Bees can become aggressive when they are challenged. Some wasps are even aggressive by nature and will sting for no reason. It is always recommended that if you see a nest near or in your property, then you should call a Pest Management professional right away! Attempting to treat the problem yourself can result in multiple stings on you. 


          Don't hesitate to call Pest Guru today and get a free estimate. Let us worry about the dangers that these kinds of intruders may pose and feel safe once more today!

Carpenter bee

cellar spider.jpeg

cellar spider

funnel web.jpg

funnel web spider


Cobweb spider

Paper Wasp

paper wasp.jpeg

Cicada Killer

cicada killer fianl.png

Bumble Bee

bumbo bee.jpeg



There are thousands of different types of crawlers and for most of us they are unwanted and more importantly a danger to our health. These types of pests are  If for some reason you see any in your house, don't panic. Just call or schedule a free estimate online at Pest Guru and one of our dedicated specialists will be ready to help get rid of unwanted crawlers the same day!  Fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, ticks, ear wigs, pill bugs, carpet beetles, box elders are only some of the pests we effectively remove.

house centepide.jpeg

House centipede



Spring tail

Pill bug

Bed Bug

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