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Pest Guru Services

Guru Program- Best value in Pest managment 

At Pest Guru, we have many great programs that are sure to fit your needs and budget plan. We offer the Gold, silver and custom packages that are individually picked out for every customer's situation.

At Pest Guru we offer the following:

The initial free inspection

When our certified professional arrives he will do a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the building. The professional will look for the cause(s) and areas that appear to be infected by the pests. He will also search for any other places that may be or may become infected by the unwanted intruder in the future.  

Internal inspection

  • Food and water sources

  • Moisture issues such as leaking


  • Sanitation issues

  • Physical damage

  • Pest droppings

  • Humid conditions

External inspection

  • Bushes or tree limbs touching building

  • Outdoor lighting          

  • Cracks, gaps and holes in foundations, siding and windows 

  • Any other openings

Results and Treatments

After the Pest Guru specialist has inspected the property, he will have a detailed report for you. He will discuss the problem(s) with you and offer the right, most effective treatment(s) possible to manage the pest infestation(s). Lastly, he will explain how he will do the job step by step to get rid of pests and prevent any future unwanted intruders. 

The best part? It is that the specialist will have all the necessary materials and tools to take care of the problem on the spot! This means that after our visit you will be left with a treatment in motion that will leave you, your loved ones, pets,building\structures, and environment secure and pest free. 

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